Meg Heubeck, Director of Educational Outreach at the UVA Center for Politics will present a workshop on:

Political Civility:

Talking to People Who Disagree With You

Tuesday, 23 April, 2019, from 7 to 9 PM

Rappahannock County Library, 4 Library Rd, Washington VA 22747

In this age of polarization, it is important to be able to talk with spouses, neighbors, and acquaintances about issues where you may not agree. This workshop will provide the tools to have those discussions. These skills are often not intuitive, but they can be learned. The result will be more civil discussions of issues important to us all and more informed decisions. Note: this workshop is not about issues. It is about acquiring the tools to discuss those issues.

The workshop is free, non-political and open to everyone. Send me an email to say you’re coming, so I know how many cookies to make.

Robert Burney



The RCDC’s position on Governor Ralph Northam

Recent events in Richmond have left our heads spinning. In one week, the top three elected officials, the Democratic Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General, were under attack for shocking moral failures that jeopardize their positions, the state of the Commonwealth and the whole Democratic agenda. Information came fast and furious, and so did reactions from leaders across the Commonwealth and the country, who demanded their resignations.

The RCDC decided to take a more deliberate approach. At our February 9 general meeting, we held a discussion, weighed the issues and took a vote. It helped to clear our thinking. The result was an open letter to the Governor to encourage a positive way forward toward redemption for racial equity for all Virginians. We encourage Governor Ralph Northam to take the lead.