Rappahannock County Democratic Committee Principles

The Rappahannock County Democratic Committee operates under the following fundamental principles:

  • to work toward a government at federal, state and local levels which will fairly represent the interests of the persons within Rappahannock County, whether rich or poor;
  • to support and foster public institutions, including the public schools, that improve the quality of life in the County;
  • to respond sensibly to the needs of the unfortunate among us; and
  • to encourage the participation of all Democrats, as well as all those who share our Democratic perspective, in the political process.

Chair: Sean Harringan

Vice-Chair: Christine van den Toorn

Secretary: Ken Edwards

Treasurer: Mary-Sherman Willis

At-Large Executive Committee members: Ron Goodman, Casey Eitner, Kay Beatty, Leslie Cockburn, Ross O’Donoghue, Cathy Zimmerman, Eve Brooks

The Democratic Party of Virginia 

Our Values

  • Virginia Democrats are dedicated to advancing our shared values of job creation, justice and equality of opportunity for every family. This means we will put our effort into ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment in the State of Virginia at last.
  • We believe that the middle class is the cultural and economic heart of our Commonwealth and that government should provide opportunities for every family to realize the American dream.
  • We believe a healthy economy requires sustained long-term investments in education, job training, public safety and other institutions that give every person a fair shot at building a better life.
  • We believe in efficient, effective government that puts results ahead of political dogma.
  • Creating jobs means attracting new businesses to Virginia, but it also means investing in small businesses that are already here.
  • It is our duty to provide a quality public education for every Virginia student that truly prepares him or her to compete and build the economy of the future.
  • A safe and effective transportation infrastructure is essential to a thriving economy and a high quality of life. We support developing a sustainable and long-term approach to solving Virginia’s transportation crisis, that does not rob other key priorities of government.
  • A clean environment and abundant natural resources are the common inheritance of man and a key economic advantage, and as such are to be protected from overuse, abuse or contamination.
  • We oppose efforts to cut institutions such as education, social services and public safety, that create opportunity and help struggling families stay afloat during hard times.