Coming Up This Week!

CD10 CANDIDATES FORUM: Watch the first debate between Democrat Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton and her opponent Hung Cao. Sponsored by the Arc Northern Virginia.

When: Monday, August 22 6PM

How: Via Zoom. Register HERE

CD10-WIDE CANVASS LAUNCH: Let’s join the rest of District 10 to get out the vote in Rappahannock County for Jennifer Wexton! 

When: Saturday and Sunday, August 27 and 28, 10AM to 3PM

Where: RCDC Headquarters, 1047 Zachary Taylor Hwy, Huntly VA

Questions? Contact RCDC Chair Mary-Sherman Willis.

POSTCARDS FOR JENNIFER: Wave 2 of our postcard project lets voters know that early voting begins on September 23! Vote early in person or by mail, and get it done! We provide packets of cards with stamps and instructions. Fill them out in the comfort of you own home, or get together with friends for beer and postcards. It’s fun and incredibly helpful for getting out the vote!

When: Saturday and Sunday, August 27 and 28, 10AM to 3PM—pick up a packet of postcards when you come to canvass!

Where: RCDC Headquarters, 1047 Zachary Taylor Hwy, Huntly VA

Questions? Contact RCDC Chair Mary-Sherman Willis.


Meet the Candidates and Ask Questions!

Please register for this Meet the Candidates forum, and follow up! Ask Hung Cao where he stands on abortion rights, gun control, censorship, green jobs, Medicaid funding, Ukraine.

Monday, August 22, 2022 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
LIVE Online via Zoom

Attendees can submit questions in advance. The presentation will have live ASL interpretation.

Click the following link to register: The Arc – 2022 Meet the Candidates Forums


COFFEE and CANVASSING (and a meeting in-between!


Our next RCDC General Meeting is coming up!

WHEN: Saturday, August 13, 10am to 11am

WHERE: The Rappahannock Library, 4 Library Rd, Washington VA

Doors open at 9:30am for coffee and conversation. We come to order at 10am and promise not to take more than an hour of your valuable weekend! 

Warren Breiseth, our field rep from Team Wexton, will join us to give us the latest news on the campaign. He’ll then lead off a weekend of door-knocking in the county right after we adjourn. Bring your cell phone and a partner, and consider spending some time talking to our neighbors and getting out the vote. As we just saw in Kansas, Democrats knocking on doors and talking to their neighbors turned the tide on abortion rights in the state!


Join Team Wexton at our July Rappahannock canvass for the ’22 election cycle!

Saturday July 23, 10am to noon, and noon to 2pmSunday July 24, 11am to 3pm

1047 Zachary Taylor Hwy, Huntly VA

We have all seen the news recently: gun violence in our schools and communities, the ongoing and very serious threat to our democracy, and now the stripping away of a woman’s right to control her own body and healthcare.

Now more than ever, canvassing is critical for engaging with voters and sharing Jennifer’s vision for the VA10 so we can fight back and win. We cannot do it without you.

Please join us in Huntly to knock on some doors with Jennifer Wexton! We will also have waters available and yard signs for those interested.

See you there!


We celebrated Independence Day. Now we must fight for our freedom!

What can you do? A lot!

It’s hard not to see the irony of celebrating Independence Day only a week after half of the country was rendered less free by rightwing activists on the Supreme Court. There has been a lot of anger, grief, and fear, but just like we have always done, Americans must pull together to get through this and prepare for the fight ahead.

Our leadership must demonstrate an appetite to fight equal to our own in order to build the big coalition we need to keep the House and grow a majority to break through the filibuster. In short, it is past time for Democrats to show their teeth. Here at home, we must organize like never before…

What can you do? 

1. Demand action from legislators. At the grassroots level, we can apply pressure to our representatives to be bold, creative, and unrelenting in attacking this problem head on, like asking them to support amending the Hyde Amendment to allow the Federal government to provide financially to support reproductive care infrastructure. 

2. Locally, we can do the caring work of neighbors.  There are many ways to extend comfort and support to people seeking abortion services.  Through Planned Parenthood, you can enroll to escort people as they seek reproductive health care.  You can donate to Blue Ridge Abortion Fund, the DC Abortion Fund or other aid organizations to offset the travel and medical expenses of Virginians and people traveling from other states to seek services. You can find an organization serving your area by going to the website of the National Network of Abortion Funds

3. Your vote is your voice, which is critical. Voting isn’t the only solution, but it is one of them. We are asking you to support 10th District Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton as she seeks re-election. Visit Jennifer’s website to learn more about her and get involved. With a progressive majority, we can do away with the filibuster and restore faith in the Supreme Court by expanding it to truly represent the American people.

4. At the committee level, we’re canvassing and doing other outreach activities now. If you want to help, contact RCDC Chair Mary-Sherman Willis.

Please share what you’re doing to the Rappahannock County Democrats’ Facebook and Instagram pages and Tweet to help us show others how to support people seeking reproductive care. 


Thank you, Warren County Democratic Committee Chair Paul Miller, for allowing us to use your letter as a template.