If you haven’t voted early yet, it’s still not too late. But there’s a deadline coming up!

Saturday October 31 is the LAST DAY of early voting! 

Here’s what you can do:
—If you’ve received your mail ballot but haven’t returned it, take it, unopened, straight to the county Registrar’s office (262A Gay Street, Washington VA) between 8 am and 4 pm. You’ll be asked to open it, fill it out, and put it in its envelope, sign it and hand it in.
—If you didn’t apply for a mail ballot, you can still pick up a ballot and vote early absentee in person at the Registrar and cast your ballot on the spot. 

To track your ballot, and for more information go to 
Or call Kim or Sharon at the Registrar’s office with your questions at (540) 675-5380.

It feels so good to get it done.